How the programme works

Here at The Tommy Fleetwood Academy we offer a structured programme of coaching for junior golfers of all abilities. Our programme is designed to give children of all abilities aged from 4-16 a solid introduction to golf, from beginner through to international competitive level. The classes are divided along age and experience lines. They offer the opportunity to learn a game for life: either just for fun, or right through to the highest level of competitive junior golf.

The programme is delivered by Head Professional Norman Marshall who was Tommy’s first coach. Norman has used his years of experience and his time with Tommy to write the programme to include the games and drills that Tommy used to play as a young boy. This game based approach lies at the heart of every lesson. Scores in the various games and drills are recorded and rewarded on the children’s TFA bag tag with either a “passed” or “outstanding” sticker.

Throughout the programme we draw inspiration from Tommy’s fantastic swing. Regarded by many knowledgable observers and his peers, as the best golf swing in the world. We have benefitted greatly from Tommy’s technical advice in the creation of the programme and we are modelling our golfers swings on Tommy’s metronomic, repeatable and long hitting technique.

Tommy has even been known to join in our class challenges when passing by!!! His unique insights and easy manner with children make the special days when he shows up, live in the junior golfers minds forever!

The Bag Tag System

The Bag Tag System allows the coach to reward children for effort at the same time as providing, at a glance, the level the child has reached. The short term goal for each child is to get them playing on the course as soon as possible and encouraging golfs core skill, being able to score. This is encouraged by regular tournament play with a graduated teeing system working backwards from the green in 3, 6, 9 and eventually 18 hole tournaments.

There is regular opportunity for children who want to compete, to enter competitions both on the par 3 course and the 18 hole course as the children progress. The Tommy Fleetwood Academy pupils will be supported, coached and encouraged to enter tournaments. For driven competitive juniors, this will be on local, regional, national and international level. For those golfers who are playing golf just for fun, they will find themselves in a relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere where they will be presented with challenges and tasks that meet them at their current level.

This programme has been written by Norman Marshall The Head Coach at TFA. Norman first met Tommy as a 6 year old and has gone on to build a reputation as one of the leading junior coaches in the UK. Norman is the County U14 development Squad Coach and his pupils and former pupils have enjoyed success at every single level in amateur and professional golf.


What their parents say…

Victoria Rawlinson

March 2019

Norman is a fantastic coach, he has an amazing ability to encourage, motivate & nurture the children. He helps to build their confidence & make the kids feel special. Norman has a great sense of humour so the lessons are always fun & both my kids really look forward to their lessons. Norman always goes the extra mile and in fact was the only golf coach supporting & encouraging his juniors at the recent European Junior Golf competition in Hesketh! It meant a great deal to my son that his coach was there as such a big competition was daunting to say the least! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Norman & Academy.

Richie Woods

September 2018

Norman has been brilliant with my grandson Ross age 9, he’s benefiting from personal and group sessions, this time next year we hope Ross will have a card in his hand playing competition golf, sessions are fun but with a purpose and goal, Ross loves attending. Many thanks Norman.

Julie Stubbs

February 2019

Norman knows how to get the best from his pupils. He can see when they are frustrated and asks why and gives them the tools necessary to help them on the course. He ensures every lesson, whether group or individual is different and challenging and doesn’t matter what group I always see the kids smiling at the end of the lesson. My son has group and individual lessons and has come on leaps and bounds, all the technology showing where he’s going wrong and helping him fix it. He doesn’t just give them the skills with the clubs he also gives them the mental skills they need to overcome nerves or bad shots. Would throughly recommend Norman’s group and individual coaching sessions.

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What’s going on at the Tommy Fleetwood Academy?

Play Golf Camps

A mixture of age and abilities. Golf fun, games, training. Prizes etc. depending on age and experience of attending golfers, we sometimes send our more seasoned golfers our for a tournament on the par 3 course, weather dependant. 1 coach/ assistant per 8 Children.

Tuesday 4th April 2023
Tuesday 11th April 2023
Friday 2nd June 2023
Tuesday 15th August 2023
Tuesday 22nd August 2023
Tuesday 24th October 2023

Performance Camps

These camps are restricted to competitive golfers at the more experienced end of our junior spectrum. These golfers will typically be training to compete in regional, national and international Tournaments.

Wednesday Feb 15th  2023
Performance Camp 

Distance Control, Creating a clubbing bag tag. Pitching distance control TFA system. Course Strategy.


Driving, short game and tee shot training.

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